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Bluebeards Revenge Cutlass Double-Edge Safety Razor

£24.11 ex VAT
Manufacturer: Bluebeards Revenge
Availability: In stock

Solid, sturdy and utterly manly, the Cutlass is the ultimate razor for that perfect morning shave. Slice through stubble like never before with this crisp, classic and precision-engineered piece of kit. The Cutlass features a sturdy aluminium handle, with a zinc alloy head, with a gun metal finish. It has added cool since it comes laser etched with The Bluebeards Revenge logo.

Blades not included: You can buy double-edge razor blades in most supermarkets or pharmacies on the high street.


  • The single blade allows for a much closer, smoother shave than a multi-bladed cartridge razor, whilst working out as much cheaper too.
  • Offers a satisfyingly hefty handle, which does all the hard work for you.
  • Embossed with a raised diamond pattern, giving you great grip even when wet.
  • Laser etched with the iconic The Bluebeards Revenge logo.