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Bluebeards Revenge Doubloon Shaving Brush

£4.99 ex VAT
Manufacturer: Bluebeards Revenge
Availability: In stock

Whip up a barber-grade shaving lather with The Bluebeards Revenge Synthetic Bristle Doubloon Shaving Brush.

Featuring innovative synthetic bristles, a responsibly sourced birch wood handle and a golden Bluebeards Revenge logo, this super stylish brush helps to create a thick and aerated shaving lather for traditional wet shaves.

It also adds an exfoliating element to traditional wet shaves, removing dead skin and trapped dirt from deep inside the skin.


  • Vegan friendly: This Synthetic Doubloon Shaving Brush by The Bluebeards Revenge is 100% suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Its synthetic bristles are the best alternative to what would otherwise be an animal-derived brush.
  • Whips up a barber grade lather: Just like traditional animal hair brushes, this synthetic bristle shaving brush promises to whip up an aerated lather worthy of any barber or discerning gent.
  • Dries super fast: The Bluebeards Revenge Synthetic Doubloon Shaving Brush dries fast! We’re talking the difference between wet jeans and wet swim shorts. Faster drying times make this brush perfect for busy barbershops and wash bags alike.
  • Easy to maintain: Animal hair shaving brushes are notorious for shedding hair and deteriorate fast when not properly maintained. Thanks to its innovative synthetic bristles, this shaving brush is much more resilient.
  • Used by barbers: The barber-grade quality of this brush has seen it championed by industry-leading barbers all over the world. They use it to create super-thick lathers before performing traditional wet shaves.