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Bull Blaster Pomade

£7.99 ex VAT
Manufacturer: Crazy Bull
Availability: In stock

Style Hold: 4/5

Textured look: 4/5

High Shine

A modern water-based take on a classic product BULL BLASTER pomade has the look of a strong-hold, vintage pomade but without the grease or heaviness in the product keeping your style shiny yet dry, Bull Blaster holds your style together but washes out like a breeze. Use it in a variety of hair types and styles, texture or comb, wet or dry application. This is the all-versatile pomade beast.

Bull Blaster is a vegan-friendly product formulated with vegetable glycerine, artificial, plant-based beeswax, and non-petroleum ingredients. 

Vegan-friendly formulation.

Clean, light cologne fragrance

 Size: 100 ml, 3.38 fl

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