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Electric Head Jog - Nano Ceramic 6000

£39.99 ex VAT
Manufacturer: Electric Head Jog
Availability: Out of stock

The Nano Ceramic radiant heat allows water molecules inside the hair strand, which helps prevent heat damage for less frizz and more shine.The effects of ceramics and ionic permits heat to be radiated directly inside the hair, without drying out the hair's external structure. This technology preserves the natural moisture in the hair, making it shinier, softer and healthier.

The Electric Head Jog Nano Ceramic 6000 White Hairdryer is part of the new Electric Head Jog Professional styling range. Features:

  • Nano Ceramic Bead Technology
  • Wattage:2000w
  • Perfectly balanced for all day use
  • 6 Switch combination - 3 heat and 2 speed
  • Coldshot button
  • Supplied with a nozzle and 3m cable
  • Built in noise reducer