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Jaguar Dynasty Thinner

£279.99 ex VAT
Manufacturer: Jaguar
Availability: In stock

Jaguar's Dynasty thinners are part of their Gold Line range, being forged from premium quality molybdenum steel that's been ice-hardened, giving them durability and superb edge retention. The steel is then polished to a high shine finish.

The blades feature V-teeth with micro-serrations for a precise cut. They're joined by Jaguar's adjustable, Smart Spin flat screw which ensures a super-smooth action with nothing to catch a client's hair.

Handles are a classic, level design which gives a traditional feel. There are finger rests on both handles to allow you to cut with either side of the scissor.

• Friodur hardened 4112 stainless steel
• High polish finish
• Crane offset design - for relaed strain free work
• Flat VARIO-PLUS screw - allows individual adjustment of tension
• Micro serrated teeth
• Two mounted finger rests - to allow cutting either side

Available in 6" with 35 teeth & 42 teeth.