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Jaguar Goldwing

£279.99 ex VAT
Manufacturer: Jaguar
Availability: In stock

The Jaguar Goldwing is a supreme example of scissor design with its beautiful form combining convex blades with offset handles, accented by its subtle golden wing. But it's not just about looks...

Whichever part of its blade you cut with, the Jaguar Goldwing simply glides through the cut with an action smoother than you'd believe possible. The blades' power is backed up by their incredible sharpness which comes from hollow-ground, integrated cutting edges with an extreme angle that makes the Goldwing ideal for slice cutting.

Thought has been given to comfort too with an ergonomic, offset handle that features an angled thumb ring. That means that your hand naturally slides into the optimum working position, keeping fatigue at bay however long you're cutting for.

As part of the Jaguar Gold Line, the Goldwing is made from premium steel that's been ice-tempered for exceptional hardness. It also features the self-contained Smart Spin screw system.

• Friodur hardened 4112 stainless steel
• Ergonomic handle - relaxed hand position
• Bent thumb ring & rotating thumb insert - eliminates pressure
• Sharp convex blades with fully integrated cutting edges - ideal for all cutting techniques
• DC honing of both cutting edges, for maximum sharpness
• Flat VARIO PLUS screw - allows individual setting of the cutting