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Jaguar Timeless Black Thinner

£84.99 ex VAT
Manufacturer: Jaguar
Availability: In stock

Made with 43 thinning teeth, the Jaguar Timeless 43 features an elegant blend of slim blade and long handle for good looks and high performance.

The thinning teeth are V-shaped and finely worked for a precision cut. The blades themselves have a flat angle to the cutting edge to give them excellent sharpness and are made from high quality, ice-tempered steel so that edge will last.

The handles are offset for a relaxed hand position and feature a properly round thumb ring with a slight bend to it to reduce pressure marks and ensure all-day cutting comfort. There's also a fixed finger rest and black finger-ring inserts for extra comfort.

Steel: Chrome stainless steel

Cutting edge/blade: Micro-serration

Special features: Allergy neutral coating

Handle: Offset

Number of teeth: 43