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Joewell E30

£239.99 ex VAT
Manufacturer: Joewell
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Joewell E30 Thinning Scissors are an extremely high quality professional tool. This thinner, as the name suggests has 30 teeth and is one of Joewells best selling thinning scissors, crafted by hand from a supreme stainless Japanese alloy making the hairdressing scissors life unparallaled in the professional market.

With a light weight and smooth action, the satin finished handles and 30-tooth thinning blades really give this scissor an exceptional feel. They feature a thumb rest that can be removed and switched to either handle. The Joewell E30 features thinning blades which are ideal for everyday use, making these scissors a real essential for great stylists.

The supreme stainless alloy E30 will give you a 15% cut ratio.


Supreme Stainless Alloy

Number of Teeth 





Avalible in 5.6".