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Tondeo Primo Classic Thinner

£62.49 ex VAT
Manufacturer: Tondeo
Availability: In stock

The matching thinner for the Tondeo Primo is, like its sibling, an ideal scissor for any stylist looking to upgrade from their college scissors or just looking for a good quality, no-nonsense thinner.

It's made from stainless steel with a gleaming polished finish and has one honed blade for superb sharpness. The adjustable, slotted tension screw allows you to set up the thinner as you like it and the stopper and finger rest can also be removed to suit your preference.

The Tondeo Primo thinner comes with a offset handles designed to help keep your arm and wrist relaxed when cutting.

• Milled teeth with micro-serration
• Hollow ground with honing for smooth functioning
• Polished surface
• Nickel-unalloyed stainless chrome steel
• Fillister head screw for an even more stylish design