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Tondeo Spider Blue Offset

£138.99 ex VAT
Manufacturer: Tondeo
Availability: In stock

We loved this perfect marriage of good looks and precision German engineering from the moment we saw it. Like the standard Tondeo Spider, the Spider Blue is an A-Line scissor meaning it's designed for new stylists, or those on a budget. Its glossy blue beauty proves that you don't have to sacrifice looks for price and we think it's perfect for making a splash in a new salon.

There are polished slice blades that make slice cutting a breeze and offset handles for a comfortable hand position. It's also made from hardened, chrome-alloyed stainless steel so it'll stay sharp for longer.

The striking blue coating is wear resistant and also provides a non-allergenic surface that prevents nickel allergy. The look is complemented by an aluminium cap covering the adjustable tension screw and a removable, tailored finger rest also in aluminium.

• Stainless steel
• Both blades hand honed and hollow ground – ideal for slice cutting
• Blue titanium coated finish - for extra long cutting performance & protection against nickel allergies
• Ergonomic handle - for relaxed, strain free work
• Detachable stopper and finger rest - for balance and comfort