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Tondeo Tchiro

£155.99 ex VAT
Manufacturer: Tondeo
Availability: In stock

With a sleek, classic chiro design and a silky matt finish, this ergonomic scissor from Tondeo looks great and dramatically reduces hand fatigue while you work. A large stopper at the closing point of this scissor means that your thumb doesn't have to work so hard to achieve a powerful cut, which makes the muscles less liable to cramp. In addition, the cutting area of the blade is proportionally shorter than most scissors, so there's less effort required when cutting.

The blades are optimised for effortless precision, micro-serrated to hold the hair and prevent slippage—ensuring an accurate cut every time. While the pivot is specially designed to give you a really speedy movement, so you can work quickly as well as precisely!

• Stainless Chrome steel
• One blade micro-serrated – allows you to grip wet hair
• Silky
• Ergonomic handle – for relaxed, strain free work
• Detachable stopper and finger rest - for balance and comfort