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Tondeo Victory Offset

£358.79 ex VAT
Manufacturer: Tondeo
Availability: In stock

There's an almost space-age look to these incredible scissors, with their glossy finish and swooping curves. The Victory looks absolutely amazing and it greatly improves your cutting posture, relieving the stress on your hands, wrists and arms.

The tension is adjustable with a really clever invisible screw system, so there's nothing on the surface of the scissor to catch the hair, obstruct your cutting or spoil the gorgeous lines. On top of that, the outstandingly durable ball bearing steel that they're made from and their highly polished compacted surface which offers even greater protection against wear and corrosion, mean that the Victory will still be looking fantastic after years of service.

The narrow, ultra-slice blades, great for accurate precision work, are finished with a double grinding process that ensures perfect sharpness to the cutting edge. You'll get unbeatable slicing performance.

• Fine ground cutting edges
• Hollow ground with honing for smooth functioning
• Polished surface
• Nickel-unalloyed stainless chrome steel
• Fillister head screw for an even more stylish design